Why this design?
Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mainly to demonstrate that we can make 3D graphics for web designs - and that we can make sites with distinctive style! Visitors will remember where they got that solacious info. Most web designers basically have one style; the one they learned in online Photoshop tutorials.

The colors of our design spectrum will unfold as our portfolio grows. Don't underestimate the impact of a site with fresh colors and distinct graphical detailing!

The first version of this site was made in early 2006. It's interesting that the color scheme of bluish grey, orange, and white has popped up on numerous popular sites since then.

Our ability for distinctive design does of course not mean that you have to pay for design when you choose bitBrain Studios! We offer free advice with helpful links to high quality, low cost business, web shop, community templates - and some of them are favorites of ours!

This means you can select a template and specify the structure of the site in terms of menus and sections, and a wishlist of needed features, and we could construct the site and configure the template for as little as 380 Euro, £250, $490, 3400 SEK. And because we are resellers of hosting, we can offer to include 1 year of Domain Name Registration and 15GB hosting! (For Small Business, approximately $55/year thereafter.) This offer is valid for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domains.

So, simply contact us with a template name + domain name, and it could be reserved for you within minutes of payment - during office hours CET. Normally, an hour or two later it would be registered and bitBrain Studios could start setting up your site. Normally, a regular personal or small company site would be on-line, ready for YOUR content, and globally accessible within two weekdays. This is possible through our close relationship with LiquidNet Ltd .

bitbrain.se will develop as this coder finds time for it - for example, the portfolio will be a quite different style. However, clients come first, so expect slow progress.