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New data compressor released PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 December 2013

In the last few months, a novel data compression algorithm was developed, featuring extremely fast decompression speeds suitable for embedded applications and real-time decompression.

The "Nibbler" is a data compressor that innately due to its construction fills a vacant niche: real-time decompression. It's capable of delivering decompression speeds more than five times faster than standard compressors, without sacrificing compression ratios. Please have a look at the statistics. (Bear in mind that 7-Zip and similar modern archiver-only algorithms deliver better ratios than LZX, but have even slower decompression.)

The current software package is available for the 68000 series CPUs, since it was licensed for use in the firmware of Individual Computers' ACA500 expansion card products. Like any compressor, it can be ported to any platform. Natural targets are ARM platforms and as low-level libraries for any high-level language.

The version 1.02 package  is a public release that can be used and spread freely as is. To include the decompressor as part of your commercial or non-commercial software however, requires a license.

Contact us!  Chances are we will be intrigued by your project and help you get the most out of this new type of compressor.